Huntbound Dom

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Virallinen nimi Huntbound Dom
Kutsumanimi Huntti
Sukupuoli ori
Väri Mustanruunikko (EE/AA)
Rotu Hannoverinhevonen
Säkäkorkeus 161cm
Syntynyt 26.01.2017 (1-vuotias)
Painotuslaji esteratsastus
Kasvattaja Omistaja
Domenica Estate Lithy, VRL-07127
Rekisterinumero VH17-011-0125


21) Einstein: I pick things up extremely easy and won't forget it. 51) Quiet. This horse is commonly referred to as bomb-proof by owners and a packer by riding instructors for his unreactive nature. He will tolerate almost anything, from a fluttering flag to an uncoordinated rider with inexperienced hands. This type can generally be trusted to behave safely and to build the confidence of beginner riders, while a more advanced rider might consider him too dull. When I was a college student in an equine program, most of the horses we rode were young, inexperienced and unpredictable. Once in a while, something would happen to shake the confidence of a student. That's when the unflappable Quarter Horse, Royal, would be called upon to do his stuff. This steady fellow would carry the shaken rider back to her former level of confidence. He would passably plod through any dressage test and quietly take any low fence no matter how he was brought to it. Royal was not dazzling by any stretch of the imagination, but the program director would not sell him for any price. Horses like Royal have an important role to play in developing riders, but they don't come along often. Lack of reactivity is simply not typical of the species. 22) Diverse: I can pick up many disciplines and be good at them all! 65) Dunks their hay in water when eating in a stall 92) Stands nicely while you mount fear 37) Cell phone ringing The leader of the flock 6) Horrible ground manners (kicks, bites, swats you with tail) favourite treat Carrot

PERUSLUONNE Hiljainen lahjakkuus kentällä mutta haastava kaveri tallissa. KÄSITTELY KOULUTUS Huntti oppii uutta äärimmäisen nopeasti. KÄYTTÖ Hyppää rohkesti ja hyvällä asenteella.


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